Food Forward

From soup to sauce, from smoothie to meal,

give your food the inspiration it deserves.

When your idea is great, we will help to make it better.




25 years of trading in natural ingredients,

semi-finished products and mixes, over 10 years

of preparing, portioning and packaging (semi-)solid and liquid food applications and 5 years of advanced IQF technology and organoleptic research, lead us

to ongoing market expansion.

Instantly Quick Frozen Pellets

Instantly frozen,

Endless opportunities.

In our inconceivably versatile IQF production unit we turn ingredients into tablets, drops and cubes. It’s almost magic how the processed and frozen outcome of this elevated technology is as luscious as its fresh counterpart.


Pure Pastes

Smooth textures

for all tastes

- From waste to paste

- Original flavours

- Natural ingredients

- Your recipe

- Cleaner labels

- From plain paste to ready to use

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