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We thrive on creating things that work,

Fresh or frozen.




Due to the high cooling capacity of the nitrogen used, the quality of the frozen product is as excellent as that of its fresh counterpart. It retains its shape, structure and flavour. Cryogenic frozen products do not stick together.

- In the form of drops to long slices.

- With or without coating against freeze burn.

We can virtually IQF freeze anything, from liquids

to pastes, from fruitpurees to yoghurt.

- Production and (bulk) packaging for professional processing and wholesale.

- Fresh or frozen.

- Toppings, fillings and coatings for savoury and sweet preparations.

- Sauces, marinades, curries, soya sauces and vinaigrettes.

- Vegetable mixes for stocks, soups and salads.

- Production and personalised packaging for distribution

- to professional (foodservice) and private (retail) end-users.

- Ready-to-eat, e.g., cranberry jelly, salsas, curries, soya sauces (ketjaps)…

- Ready-to-use, e.g., stocks, marinades...





Our production capacity is partly reserved for (permanent) orders from at home and abroad.

- As part of our service, we also offer production advice based on food knowledge and technological know-how.

- Product development as an optional service.

- Quality control of the ingredients and the end product.

- Expertly trained and experienced team.

Production efficiency:

- Quality equivalent to that of fresh produce.

- Solutions that are fully tailored to the final use/preparation.

- Several preparation stages are combined into one semi-finished product, e.g. ready-to-use fillings and toppings

- Cost control thanks to calibrated IQF pellets, shorter preparation times and qualitative, natural preservation.

- Advice based on food knowledge and technological know-how.

- Custom product development

- On infrastructure, production, quality control and sales.

- Individual, interactive approach.

- Exclusivity guarantee and confidentiality.

- From local to international.

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