Pellets for dairy, coconut milk
and soy-based drinks

Fruit purees & mixed purees

Fine puree of vegetables
for smoothie applications

Freshly frozen superfoods

IQF premixes for cocktails;
Mojito, Caipirinha, Gin-Tonic etc.

Private recipe IQF pellets for
smoothies in foodservice or retail

Frozen drops with proetein, probiotics, prebiotics

Standard Products

Our standard product range consist of 4 product groups with a few dozens of selected ingredients. In combination with our available Untreated IQF, Heat-treated IQF and HPP Puree solutions, this results in more than 100 available products.

They all have two things in common: All our ingredients come from selected suppliers. You will find the best versions of common ingredients, some hard to find ingredients, and even some that are grown especially for us. All products are made from fresh ingredients, not dried or from concentrate. You can view them all in our Product Finder:

Product Finder

Tailor-Made Solutions

We can also offer tailor made solutions, as single ingredients, custom blends, or even complete recipes, ready to market under your brand. As juice, puree, or in pellets, in the size, weight and even shape you need.

The possibilities are endless

Boost your products with our solutions and offer higher quality products with cleaner labels. Optimize your workflow by reducing complexity in weighing or mixing processes. Create innovative combinations or even complete new products. Don’t ask us what we have: Contact our R&D and tell us what you need.