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Meat, fish & Vegan

  • Stocks of chicken, beef, veal, game
  • iqf pellets of toppings and fillings
  • Marinades & gravies
  • Stuings for cold cuts
  • Iqf garlic and herb butter
  • Iqf fillings & toppings for breaded fillets, nuggets and fish fingers

Other Markets

  • Blends for ready to eat salads
  • Blends for breakfast bowls and healthy snack
  • (Double concentrated) soups or soup blends
  • Sports food: Protein enriched pellets for ‘functional food’ smoothies
  • IQF flavours and natural colourants on a fat or water carrier

Smoothie & frappé

  • Pellets for dairy, coconut milk and soy-based drinks
  • Fine puree of vegetables for smoothie applications
  • IQF premixes for cocktails mojito, caipirinha, gin-tonic, etc.
  • Private recipe IQF pellets for smoothiesin foodservice or retail

Ready Meals

  • 2 gram mini pellets for pizza toppings like pesto & herbs
  • Iqf sauces for pasta, noodles, rice or paella
  • Blends of/for spreads & dips like guacamole, tzatziki or hummus
  • Iqf blends for vegetable mixes