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Solutions for Fresh and Frozen markets

As a food professional, you probably know at least some of the products we helped realize. We are the silent partner behind many food innovations of leading food manufacturers, food service chains and retailers.

Iqf Drops for Your Frozen Market & ProductsIqf Drops for Your FRESH Market & Products


Doing it right
becomes child's play

We convert our blends and purees into Instantly Quick Frozen Drops or Pellets (IQF) by using liquid nitrogen.  This freezes them in less than 3min at -85°C!  Being able to insert portions of a puree in a predefined weight, shape and size in your production dramatically reduces complexity in weighing and mixing processes.  Also restaurants & commercial kitchen benefit by portion & cost controlled menus.

Full report on IQF Technology:

The many advantages of iqf technology


From Ingredient to Finished product

From single ingredient purees, to semi-fabricates, boosters, building blocks or finished products.  We have it all for the right application.

Tailor made can be done, no problem, considering the right volumes and the right ingredients.

Check out our range of:

Single ingredientsBoosters & Semi-finished productsReady-to-use productsTailor made solutions
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Intelligent IQF processing

Every great product starts by understanding concept & applicationOur R&D-team is the heart and the start of combining these with our processes

Stone milling, heating, hpp, blending, iqf nitrogen freezing and packing in 10kg cartons.  (Rec-)combining these to always get the right product in quality & safety for the right application.

Read more about our processesDiscover our ready-2-eat products
IQF Calibrated Size Shape Weight


Portion & Cost Control

Convenience & Flexibility is what drives our product range and development. The right portions and/or weight enhances speed on industrial and assembly lines and keeps your end product and cost under control.  In your restaurant or kitchen it eases and speeds up your set up

The extended shelf life an fast defrost of Iqf is included for free


Quality and Reliability

The right ingredients from reliable partners. We select carefully suppliers & producers.

Our products are the effort of teamwork and entrepreneurship.  Our people, our suppliers and our customers, we all create it together safe food, that makes life easier, without compromises,  respecting our environment to the max.

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Your benefits:

Clean(er) Labels

Maximum Nutritional Values

Product Claims

Maximize Taste

Portion Control

Low Micro

Ready to eat

Your Recipe

Cost Control

Create Value

Fast Innovation

Reduce Complexity



Plug & Play

We offer dozens of predeveloped solutions: Plug them into your existing products for a shortcut to innovation. Browse them in our product finder.

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