Pimp your Sweet & Savoury Blends

Packing frozen vegetables with the right flavour or sauce, boosting your smoothie with the right health ingredient, or preparing your frappé in no time. You will always be served faster, better and easier with our ready developed range. Your machines run faster or your blender is ready in no time.

With their claimable innovations, versatility, and commitment to quality, they are set to revolutionize your culinary offerings.

Single ingredients

At first sight, these are the most classic ingredients of our product range. But our high quality sources in combination with our technologies transform them to uncomparable solutions. Using drops makes it even more convenient by making way with weighing and portioning.

Fruit drops

Vegetable drops

Herb & Spice drops

Boosters & Blends

Impressive range of unique developed products for various applications with specific characteristiscs. They provide your product that extra special flavour, a long searched & needed claim, a healthy aspect or just that special touch.  Cold Brew Coffee, Fresh Spirulina or Fresh-Made Curry all frozen into that handy iqf drops.

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Herb & Spice blends

Ready to Use

Smart blends of trendy products.  We make sure you can prepare these complex but great tasting products in no time. All of them a must have in every restaurant, breakfast room or summer bar

Frappé & shake bases

Natural infusions

Smoothie bowls bases

Tailor made Solutions

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just contact us and tell us what you need. You can bring in your own recipe, or we’ll join forces and have our in-house R&D department work out a tailor made solution.

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Explore the advantages of choosing our IQF

Portion Control

With our Iqf drops, you have precise portion control at your fingertips. Our drops enable you to create consistently portioned products, reducing waste and ensuring cost-effective production.

A Vegan & Clean World

Savor the goodness of our clean & vegan Iqf products, carefully curated to suit your dietary preferences. Embrace the flavors of plant-based ingredients,

Shelf Life

Maintaining control over shelf life is crucial in the food industry, and our Iqf pallets provide the solution. When frozen, our drops guarantee stock levels, ensuring a steady supply of products and reducing the risk of stockouts. Furthermore, when defrosted, our drops adapt seamlessly to the end product, maintaining taste, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Complexity made easy

Using our plug & play solutions will enable you to see complex recipes as simple ingredients. You will be able to do more with your existing production capacity, and bring innovative products to your market fast, without heavy investments in new machinery.

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