Pea protein booster drops

Ingredients: apple, pea protein isolate, natural flavour



In the era of obsessing over health and fitness, we bring you an innovative way of adding extra protein to your diet. Say hello to Protein Booster in frozen droplets! This is an interesting way of making your smoothies or drinks healthier by adding it.

Made from plant-based protein (pea), this little booster makes a difference in the nutritional value of any drink that you add it to. It is widely used and loved because of its taste and consistency. Because it’s both convenient and healthy, it’s perfect for those on the go or short on time.

Perfect for post-workout recovery, our pea protein booster will help replenish your body’s stores of amino acids, which are necessary for muscle repair and growth.

Make sure to stock up on these drops so that you always have them on hand!

Additional information

10 kg box

Available as

Ready to Heat

Size of iqf drops

iqf 4g very fine blend

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