Blending Innovation: Cube's Partnership with Alberts Food Tech

Blending Innovation: Cube's Partnership with Alberts 

Alberts is a pioneering food-robotics company specializing in fully automated food vending machines that serve freshly prepared blends, such as cold smoothies and hot soups, revolutionizing the concept of healthy snacking. The company’s mission is to make healthy snacks more accessible everywhere and at any time.

Cube is a key partner, supplying the Iqf drops for the blends, and collaborating on recipe development for the vending machine. This case study delves into Cube’s empathetic approach to meeting Alberts’ unique product needs, as well as the introduction of plant-based milk Iqf drops.

Challenges Faced by Alberts

  • Quality and Consistency: Alberts needed Iqf drops that met stringent quality standards to ensure the freshness, nutritional value and taste of their blended offerings remained consistent.
  • Customization: The automated food robot’s design required customized drops to fit its specific requirements, such as size, shape, hardness and flavor.
  • Efficiency: Cube needed to ensure the Iqf drops could be rapidly blended by the existing hardware, ensuring that the entire coocking process remained under two minutes.

Cube's Contribution

  • Recipe Co-Creation: Cube engaged in recipe co-creation, combining their expertise in Iqf drops with Alberts culinary vision. The result was a range of blends for the vending machine that catered to the health-conscious consumer.
  • Quality Assurance: Cube implemented rigorous quality control measures to ensure the Iqf drops consistently met Alberts high-quality standards. This included testing for taste, texture, and nutritional content.
  • Plant-Based Milk Innovation: Cube introduced two plant-based milk Iqf drops, based on coconut and oat as ingredient. These drops provided Alberts with new versatile ingredients for creating a wider variety of plant-based blends.


  • Enhanced Product Quality: Alberts could consistently deliver high-quality, delicious blends, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlined Integration: The customized Iqf drops seamlessly integrated into the food robot’s operation, allowing it to prepare and serve blends in less than two minutes.
  • Market Success: Alberts innovative approach and the reliable supply of Iqf drops from Cube contributed to the company’s success in the competitive food tech market.

Conclusion: Cube’s empathetic approach to understanding and addressing the unique needs of Alberts played a pivotal role in the success of their partnership. The development of Iqf drops, recipe co-creation, and the introduction of plant-based milk options exemplify the power of collaboration and innovation in the food tech industry. This partnership not only met the current market demands but also positioned both companies for continued success in the evolving landscape of healthy, automated food solutions.

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