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Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of preparation techniques, CUBE has mastered the art of producing food products that are as authentic as the best home-cooked food.

Our expertise includes mixing, blending concentrates, kneading, cooking, frying and cryogenic freezing in IQF portions, and of course packing.


- New ingredients.

- New markets.

- New technologies.

- Collaborations with universities.

- A solid supplier network.

- Revaluation of production losses/left-overs into side lines of herbs and vegetables.

- Aside from the "preparability" of a project, also the nutritional value and the economic and ecological performance are put under the microscope.


- Controlled use of water & recovery of waste water.

- Solar panels as a natural source of energy for electricity and hot water.

- Waste management and recycling.

- Organic raw products.

- Controlled pest control.

Microbiological safety:

- Quality control in terms of nutritional value and systematic evaluation of the production process.

- Source control and traceability of the raw materials/ingredients throughout the entire production process and throughout any multi and side lines.

- Internal control department.

- Food colourings of natural origin in accordance with the European directives.

- Safety training for staff.

- In accordance with the FSSC ISO 22000 standard, including organic certification.

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