Keep it cool

Complexity made easy is our motto, and our iqf drops deliver just that. Designed to ease the creation of new menus or products, make your assembly lines less complex and faster and relentlessly and minimize long ingredient lists. Elevate your smoothie bowls, frappes, and shakes to new heights with the rich taste profiles our iqf drops offer.

From taste to function to health to nutrition

"Doing it right"
becomes child's play

Our Iqf drops cover all aspects of a well-rounded frozen product. They not only enhance the flavor but also contribute to the functional and nutritional aspects of your creations. By incorporating our drops, you can deliver products that not only taste great but also offer functional benefits, promoting overall health and well-being.

Plug & Play

Endless possibilities

Mix and match for endless possibilities. Differrent shapes and sizes. We offer dozens of predeveloped solutions: Plug them into your existing products for a shortcut to innovation.

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